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Short Stories Contributed by People
Barton upon Humber

Priest Hole In Baysgarth House

by Brian Moss from Tamworth

Around Maltby Lane

by Maurice Willis from Hull

by Charles Watkinson
Barton Cycling Club(s)
by Nigel Land

Civil Cemetery

by Richard Clark

The Printing Works in Barton

by Barrie Newton

A Child in the Sixties

by Andrew Robinson

The Other Humber Bridge

by Charles Watkinson

Reads Island

by John Pullen


From Bartonian

Hot Cakes and Tracle

Charles Watkinson

Wife Murder

Mr C Watkinson, Bartonian

 The National and Infant Schools

Friends of Queen Street School

 The History of Queen Street and the School

Friends of Queen Street School

  Barton Novelists

Jim Robertson

Henry Weston Alcock

A story about this gentleman who owned a tile works in the town
By. Don Alcock

Grans Rabbit Pies

Mr C Watkinson, Bartonian

Rev. Richard Watson

Barton Beck

Terry Clipson

Barton in the Late 1940's
Terry Clipson

Extracts From Diary Of William Burton 1860--1864

HMS Goatfell

David Hand

Childhood Memories

From The Bartonian Aprill'11

Stories from Tom Barker

These stories are by Tom Barker who has very kindly allowed me to include them on this site. ( Sadly Tom died on 1st october'08 but his stories and memories will live on )

Tom lived in the Barton area as a boy around the time of the Seconde World War. After living in Barton for some time he moved to Thornton Curtis. He later made a much bigger move as he now lives in Australia. Tom is very interested in writing and through this passing on memories of town and country life around Barton. there are more examples of his work on .


This edited story is about Tom's life as a boy when he was living in the Corner Cafe at 11 Market Place.

A story about the Star Cinema which was on the corner of High Street and Fleetgate.

Edited Story about life in the late 1920's living near to the Railway station at Thornton Abey.

Edited Story about life in the late 1920's about the Butchery off Barton Market Place

Edited Story about life in the late 1920's on the Banks of the River Humber


These full stories and more can be downloaded as pdf files here


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