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Extracts from the Diary of William Burton of
Waterside, Barton-upon-Humber, Lincolnshire

May 9th 1860 - August 5th 1864


May 9th

My heart is fired from all desire to unite with worldly society. On this day (being the annual Statutes for hiring) formerly I have given loose to the worst passions of an unregenerated heart. I am a debtor to infinite mercy and sovereign Grace. O may I live correspondingly with such an obligation.

May 13th

The weather is very dull and the atmosphere heavy with much rain the past night and also this morning. My wife and EAB were prevented the attendance of Divine Worship, which circumstances I regret whenever it occurs, because too frequently my family are absent from the means of Grace.

May 16th

Yesterday morning while dressing I was suddenly seized with lumbago in the back and I am now confined to the house being very weak. I did not however think I should be able to leave my chamber during the day, but am thankful for the ability to join the family circle tho unable to go abroad. Mr William Jackson (now in Hull) is in precarious state.

May 27th

I bless the Lord for the restoration to my usual vigour and for freedom from pain in my back. On the 22 the "cornerstone" of the Foundation for the new Chapel was laid by Mrs Tombleson. The day was favourable, the company large, and the services interesting. A meting was held in the Temperance Hall at 7pm and T certainly gave an excellent opening address.

June 2nd 6pm

The weather is truly alarming a very strong Easterly wind accompanied with heavy rain causes me much anxiety as to one of my tile-shades and terrific as was the Gale of Monday last I fear I shall sustain more damage than on that awful occasion. The Public Papers record painful details the disastrous results of the hurricane and this evenings storm it is much to be dreaded will prove a mournful supplement. The 2 counties of York and Lincoln appear to have experienced much damage, while Liverpool and the River Mersey would doubtless exhibit awful scenes. My wife is in Hull and I could wish she may remain for the night at least.

June 9th 5.45pm

I am the subject of a great disappointment in consequence of a vessel not arriving to load tiles and which will prove (I fear) a source of dissatisfaction to my friends who are so greatly in need of the Goods. I have used every exertion to effect the shipment and must leave the result to the overruling Providence of God.
Mr Norris of Manchester is now in Barton. If the present intimacy subsisting between himself and my daughter (Elizabeth) be of God it shall terminate well.

June 17th

On the 15 we were visited with two loud reports of thunder and a heavy rain. The Rev J. Mckenney is preaching our anniversary School sermons.

June 23rd 8pm

I have just visited that poor, long afflicted man (William Jackson) and I do feel truly humbled as the consideration of his great pain.

June 29th

The weather continues very unsettled and much rain falls almost daily. My branch of trade (the workmen equally with their Masters) do not remember such a season for wet weather. Our trade has a great demand for the articles we make and if it please the Lord fine weather would enable us to dispose of a great quantity.

July 7th

Praise the Lord! For very fine weather this week during which my grass and clover have been cut. May it please god to grant a continuance of suitable weather for this provision for or animals may be brought together in good condition. This also my marriage anniversary day. O the mercies bestowed during 24 years past, and the numerous backslidings in both heart and life.

July 13th 7pm

On the 11th last we got all the hay and clover led in safety. My wife and younger daughter left us this morning on a visit to the great Metropolis and I hope to hear of their safe arrival.

July 22nd

Those in London having enjoyed a safe arrival are happy in the society of their friends. I am comfortable wiyh my eldest daughter, but O that her soul was converted to God.

August 5th

The past week has been one of anxiety and much business. One important transaction is the sale (to my friend Jos Gibson) of my property in Fleet Gate, and tho I am continually been told I have not realized their value - yet I would avoid the spirit of repining and regret desiring that he may long live to enjoy his cheaply acquired property. Other circumstances, namely a short delivery of goods in London (pr vessel) has occasioned or rather may occasion some unpleasantness with the captain.
August 12th

The past week has been a season of anxiety thro the obstinacy and unkind treatment I have experienced from a captain. Nor is my anxiety at an end, in as much I know not how he may conduct himself at Lynn on the delivery of his cargo.

August 19th

The post has just relieved my mind as regards a certain account by the remittance in full with interest. I do desire to feel truly thankful and in reference to the Lynn cargo having heard nothing to the contrary I would hope with the Devine blessing that all will terminate well.

August 25th

My mind has been painfully exercised by the account of the bad quality of the tiles bought of Mr Tadman and shipped to G.F. Robins Esq. Doubtless I shall suffer loss in the transaction s. My daughter (Elizabeth) has arrived safely from Manchester.

September 2nd

My mind has been relived by the arrival of a vessel to load tiles after having been in suspense for 2 or 3 days whether I should or not procure one. I think it right to note down these incidents in worldly matters especially at this season of scarcity of vessels. I felt the 7 o’clock meeting a refreshing time and this morning we had a good sermon by one of newly appointed ministers (Mr Cranswick).

September 8th

This has been a week of excitement from various causes. My daughter’s return from Manchester. W Jackson’s decease and funeral. I have also had to go over to Hull twice in reference to his policy of insurance and hope the widow will shortly receive the amount of some £100. I feel a mournful pleasure in this attendance to her affairs.

September 16th Sunday

On Wednesday last Mrs Hattersby died having ruined herself (as to constitution) with strong drink, and as to spiritual matters I dare write and say nothing.

September 18th

This afternoon I spoke to an individual on the subject of his debt and in return was insulted and the threat of a County Court Summons was treated with scorn. It was A. Charlesworth of whom principle as to integrity I have a poor opinion. This day I paid the law bills in the matter of the Fleet Gate houses sold to J. Gibson. This has been a rather premature step. In temporal concerns business increases. A friend said why did I not build and extend my premises that I might manufacture a greater quantity of goods. I will not burden myself nut rather free myself as much as possible from existing liabilities.

September 25th

I have this day settled the unpleasant matter of the tiles purchased in August and am thankful that it has been done as agreeably as the circumstances would allow. No ill feeling was manifest. Business continues good.

October 1st 9.30am

I have some paid in my back, tho I am not incapacitated to go abroad. I exercised myself much in singing, prayer and kneeling, the latter of which I cannot sustain for any lengthened period.

October 2nd 10.30am Tuesday

I would thankful for some improvement this mooning in my back, but am far from able to do all things as before the attack. How cold, how dull. Lord raise me.

October 6th 6.30pm

The weakness (in my back) is being gradually removed and as regards business I trust my arrangements will prove satisfactory to all concerned. In company with a member of society (from Barrow) I cannot but admit that some statements he made (tho’ strong) are borne out by facts especially as to the worldliness of the church, its conformity (in fashionable dress) to the world of unregenerate, unconverted. I fear this witness is but too true.

October 11th

This is gloomy cold day (with the exception of short intervals of fair weather) I have been summoned on the Jury of the Court Leet and spent an agreeable afternoon (until 5.30) with ½ dozen more yet with but little profit mentally. I hope to load a vessel for London this week or in 3 or 4 days.

October 14th

I have experience much weakness in my back this day but am thankful for ability to enjoy both morning an evening services.

October 18th

This a is wet stormy day I am yet afflicted with much weakness and constant pain in one part or other, but chiefly in my right leg and ankle. On Tuesday Mr Rodgers (the Bank) was suddenly dismissed from earth with all its cares and anxiety. He had experienced a violent attack of spasms on the 13th but on my enquiring at the Bank (within one brief hour of his decease) of his state I received the reply he was better and was progressing favourably. Two vessels were in the course of loading at the time and a third is being completed wile I now write.

October 21st, Sunday 4pm

My back is weak and my leg painful, the latter however varies much often in every 24 hours.
October 28th

I continue in daily pain from Rheumatics in my leg and the last 2 nights much affected with influenza.

November 4th

My mind was much relived last evening by the departure of a vessel which I feared might be reaped thus affording me deliverance from anxiety on this holy day.
I continue to have pain in one leg I would however be thankful I am not prevented going abroad tho often I walk in pain.

November 10th 7.45pm

It has pleased the Lord to shut me up in the house with severe pain rendering me comparatively helpless. This day I kept my bed till 4 o’ clock

November 17th 3pm

I have been confined to my room the whole of the week, and my leg and ankle are very weak. I shall, if spared be inadequate to the exertion of walking up to the Hall tomorrow.

I have had much writing in reference to business.

November 21st 7pm

I am still unable to go abroad and this being very wet and cold has rather increased than diminished my complaint. I do however bless the Lord that this evning I am more easy.

A vessel will (all well) be loaded for London this week.

The night is rather stormy but wind and waves are under the control of the God of heaven and earth.

November 25th

I have been (thro Mercy) enabled to go to the Hall this morning and enjoy the services. The weather is however very unfavourable to my complaint and I fear it will be needful that I should remain at home this remaining part of the day.

December 2nd 1860

Tho’ I have had much pain since last midnight yet blessed be God I have been enabled to enjoy the morning services. The subject which Mr Findlay presented to us was suitable to my present state and feelings.
“ It is our imperfection and knowledge” etc from Corin 13th verse to the close and one verse of a hymn we sang namely:
“ I suffer out my three score years, till my deliverance come etc..

I am writing about 15 weeks of this age and felt applicable. I pray that my affliction may be sanctified, especially as the very damp cold weather militates against a speedy recovery from Rheumatic affection.

I am somewhat anxious to receive a letter from my dear daughter (Elizabeth).

December 6th

The weather varies greatly and I am not so well this morning. There is the appearance of more rain and this circumstance (as to weather) invariably, when it occurs much influences my complaint.

A domestic irregularity (by my daughter) occasioned me some disturbance of mind and I feel hurt, depressed and grieved.
My daughter (Elizabeth) is proposing to visit us at Xmas but I am not greatly anxious she should.

December 8th

Yesterday afternoon I was enabled to walk down to the Foreman’s house, but this morning and during the afternoon my pin returned rather severely, the weather having greatly changed and rain has fallen during the day and the evening. The wind continues favourable for all London bound vessels and a great number must have collected in the different road steads. Lord remember all those upon the water and grant them a favourable wind.

I wrote somewhat more faithfully to my daughter Elizabeth yesterday. May the lord less the remarks to her profit.

December 9th

This is a very wet day and I am prevented (in consequence) going up with those who have gone to the House of God. The annual sermons on behalf of the Day Schools are being preached by Mr Wood and I feel assured I should have enjoyed the services. I fear the funds will be seriously affected through the state of the weather. My mind reverts to the sudden removal of Mr Rodgers who had for years taken so great and active part in his province of usefulness in the cause of God.

I bless thee O my heavenly Father for less pain this day, yet would I wait patiently until it shall please thee to permit a full recovery of strength.

The Rev J. Winterbotttom who died on the 6th is to interred tomorrow. He was minister for 36 years of the Independent Chapel in the town.

December 14th

In a letter received yesterday from my daughter Elizabeth she complains of my unkind remarks to her (Here I was interrupted).

December 15th 8pm

O may my prayer be answered, namely that the Lord would be bless the reply (tho brief) which I forwarded to her. May she be bought to a right state of feeling towards her parents and be preserved therein.

I was enabled to go up to the Hall and hear the sermon on behalf of the Day School on Thursday but felt it needful to return home after the Public Tea-Meeting. I hope to enjoy the services tomorrow.

December 23rd

I have been able to go out 2 or 3 days the last week, but I fell twice on the road yesterday. I have been to this morning’s service Mr Cranswick’s text was Eph’s 1-4.

I do not expect to enjoy my daughters company this week Jesus hear my daily prayer on her behalf. I have been informed that Matthias Holton, late of Killingholme is in New Zealand in military character and passes as Major Clinton. I would be thankful for freedom from pain tho I still walk very lame and dare not venture to go out to the Evening service.

December 25th

I have been 7 weeks afflicted in my leg with Rheumatism and am not able yet to go abroad all the day. I am rather anxious to receive a letter from my dear daughter (Elizabeth) and hope my mind will be comforted by the same. O may we be a family saved of the Lord. Mrs Terry continues very ill and cannot belong in this world. Her complaint is painful and to others (almost loathsome). Lord have mercy on her precious soul for Jesus’ sake.

December 26th

The non-receipt of a letter from Manchester rather dampens my spirit this morning having had no one to bare us company yesterday. A.B also was attending on porr Mrs Terry until death put a period to her suffering at about 4am.

December 30th 1860

The frost has been unusually severe and the snow falls fast today so that I dare not attempt to leave home, my bowls also being much disordered. My daughter (Eliz) with her friend (Mr N.) came unexpectedly yesterday, and having a portion of the family (bereaved of their parent) we were somewhat confused but arrangements were made so that my own family circle is entire and alone. The remains of Mrs Terry are to be interred today but the weather is very cold with a strong wind at south-east.

31st December

My dear daughter (Elizabeth) has been very much indisposed this day, which greatly mars the enjoyment of her visit. I praise thee (God) for the improved state of my bodily strength tho’ so violently exercised in the bowls yesterday. The night is cold and an east wind adds to the vigour of the season and I am precluded all hope of attending the service tonight.


January 6th

Tho the frost has returned after the appearance of a thorough thaw I have so far improved in bodily vigour that I was able to attend Divine Service this morning and Mr Barton made some powerful appeals to the Society as to numbers and piety, distinctly stating they had been on the decline. I am thankful that my dear daughter (Elizabeth) is much recovered and accompanied us to the Hall.

January 20th

My hearing has again been much injured but I would hope this also shall be removed sanctified.

January 27th

Mr McKenny has given us a delightful sermon from the 2 last verses of the 8th of Romans.

February 3rd

A most delightful sermon by Rev Luke Tyeman.

February 10th

Mr Barton having been the subject for a fortnight of some disreputable and slanderous reports, it was deemed prudent that he should refrain from preaching a sermon and accordingly this morning he has read to the congregation one of Mr Wesley’s sermons.

February 17th

This morning I felt it was my duty to speak very plainly to A.B on the subject of her late hours and being so long absent from the family I was much displeased at her conduct last evening and resolved to have an alteration.

My daughter Elizabeth continues very weak and on Friday experienced two faintings successively and we immediately sent for Mr Morley.

February 24th

I hope my dear daughter Elizabeth is somewhat recovering her former vigour. I am sometimes much tired by A.B staying so many hours from home I feel much on this account not only as regards my health, but as to the pernicious example this exhibits to the children.

March 3rd

Elizabeth is visiting her relatives and friends in Howden. On Friday last I shipped the largest cargo for London which I have known for 20 years.

March 10th

We are on the whole a happier family than in former years. Elizabeth is yet in Howden and I was thankful that her statement a few days ago was so satisfactory. Mrs R is the subject to a claim by the Bank (on her late husband’s assets) for £1000. O may her mind be preserved calm and resigned, and O Lord graciously interpose on her behalf and bring her through the trouble also, which appears to have transpired very unexpectedly.

I am somewhat concerned for the safety of the vessel loaded on the 1st, the winds having been very strong occasionally.

March 17th, 1 pm

No tidings yet of the vessel alluded to above. O that they may now be safe at their place of destination.

March 24th

On Friday last I attained my three score years and would adore the mercy and forbearance of God my maker and preserver while others of my age are called away. Yesterday John Lunn Esq. was interred he was a few months older.

I had intended to have left home tomorrow for London but have judged it prudent toi postpone it until Monday trust I am acting rightly and under Devine direction. Elizabeth is summoned to resume her duties in Manchester I am thankful her health appears considerably improved and all well she leaves on Tuesday next.

March 31st

I propose leaving home tomorrow morning. Elizabeth arrived safely in Manchester and I am thankful for the general good account with which we were favoured yesterday.

Saturday April 6th 8pm

My safe return from London after a week of indisposition and trial. I have been greatly distressed in my bowls and was compelled on Monday to await a second train on my journey up. I am still weak but hope the irritation is allayed.

April 7th

The weakness I felt drowsy this morning and was unable to sustain a continued attention of Mr Barton’s sermon.

April 14th

This morning I was late for the prayer meeting the state of my bowls allowed me to remain only some 20 minutes in the meeting and I returned home with considerable difficultly. I could not forebear weeping over my prostration. Yesterday we were favoured with tidings from my dear daughter Elizabeth for which I trust my heart is truly thankful.

April 21st

I am compelled from weakness to refrain from attending the Devine service this morning.

April 29th 8.30am

I did not venture myself to the Prayer Meeting having had a return of the diarroehea and felt myself weary at 6am.

May 5th

Yesterday I manifested (towards Mr R ..y) I fear, a spirit not quite in accordance with the spirit and temper of mind which the Gospel indicates. It was the sudden remembrance of former sightings on his past which at once aroused in my breast a perfect contempt of and disgust at his ignorance.

I fear that I shall be brought into collision with my neighbour and late tenant (J.C). He appears at present to defraud me of my rent.

I would be thankful that my state of body allowed me to attend the Morning Prayer meeting. The sermon by Mr Barton was truly solemn.

May 12th

Yesterday my mind was somewhat discomposed on the occasion of my late tenant Cap. C..le paying his rent. His wife paid the money and an angry discussion took place between Mrs C and my wife as to the liability of another half years rent.

On Wednesday evening we had a good class–meeting tho several were absent.

May 18th

I am exercised some little in the loading of a vessel for Messer’s E..ds, they having attended my arrangements. I would calmly and patiently wait their decision.

Our Missionary Services commenced by Mr Greeves (of Hull) preaching this morning and evening.

May 22nd

A boy employed in carrying off bricks has now been laid aside with a hand so bad as to prevent his working, one result, painful with others is that the Brick maker is unable to make bricks. He therefore suffers great loss in his weakly wages and I shall also experience the want of bricks. Lord regard each and all interested in this painful event, and if it pleases thee speedingly restore the boy’s hand to soundness that he may be able to resume work.

May 24th

Having only one brick maker during this very fine weather has with other circumstances operated unfavourably on my mind.

Last evening our Missionary Meeting was held and I enjoyed it much, but I fear there is a considerable falling off in the whole amount of collections etc. Various causes combine to produce this result, and it is not improbable the want of unity between several of the leading officers in the society and our Superintendent.

May 26th

We had an excellent sermon by Mr Wood.

Up to this moment I experience disappointment in the shipment of a cargo of tiles, but my mind is at rest having used every exertion to procure a vessel.

June 8th

This has been an unusually exciting week and I trust not without some profit to my mind in causing me to feel and acknowledge my dependence on Almighty power, wisdom and love. In consequences of expression of dissatisfaction from Miss Astrop respecting my Trusteeship and declaring they should hold me responsible for £250 or thereabouts, I gave notice to their Solicitors (in Hull) of my determination to resign the Trust. My mind was however much harassed on Wednesday last, until the following day I learned that everything had been legally done to secure and protect the interests of the family. Last evening the Annual Meeting of the Gas Company’s shareholders was held, and my resignation as a Director given in. I am endeavouring to relive myself as much as possible of all public matters and will ion the future refrain attending parochial and other meetings.

June 21st

On the 22nd and 23rd the Metropolis was visited with a most awful conflagration near to London Bridge and generally considered to be the greatest on record since the Great Fire in 1666. Upwards of £2,000,000 (in value) of property and the loss (unknown as to number) of several lives. My wife saw it very distinctly at Waterloo Bridge. I had a good Class meeting last evening.

July 5th 5pm

The rain has fallen in torrents since noon and the clouds still heavy. A vessel which should have been loaded with tiles has not even arrived at the Yard, thro neglect on the part of the mate. This has completely stopped proceedings with the kiln and will also occasion extra labour, attended I fear with some loss in bricks.

Yesterday I declined to accept the Trusteeship of the late Thomas Oswell’s affairs, feeling it a duty to my family and myself to avoid any additional encumbrance and also my participation in public matters I feel sometimes weak and faint also my lameness (the effect of my winters attack of Rheumatism) continues and deprives me if that vigour and elasticity previously enjoyed, especially in walking. In addition to the above my present office as Mrs Astrop’s Trustee fully justifies me in refusing to undertake another person’s affairs. I hope however to be relive of this burden also.

July 7th 5pm

The rain is falling just at this hour and there has been much rain during the last wee. O may it please the Lord of heaven and earth to grant fine weather for the hay harvest. I expect my dear Wife will (God’s willing) return from London this week.

July 21st

A good trade.

July 29th

I would be thankful for the general good health I enjoy also for domestic peace. Today we are enabled to lead the remaining portion of have which the excessive rains had prevented us doing.

August 11th

At present in some anxiety as to a certain party in London owing me nearly £100.

Blessed be God! for the fine weather he has lately vouchsafed. May the precious grain be safely gathered in.

This day Charles Richardson is advocating the Sunday School Institution.

August 20th

My mind is in peace and I am willing that mere worldly matters (especially parochial affairs be conducted by those who appear to take a considerable interest in them. The parish is in agitation, and are polling the town on the subject of uniting the 2 rates on the Highway and Private Roads into one general rate.

August 24th

This week closes with disappointment in reference to the shipment of a cargo vessel being now difficult to obtain.

August 27th

I would be thankful that I have been successful in procuring a vessel to load for G’wich tho at an advance in freight, and will commit the disposal of other matters in business to the infinite wisdom and goodness.

September 6th 7pm

This day has been chiefly occupied in serving my friend Mr Tomkinson who is now in Scarborough, superintending the shipment of 2 cargoes of tiles for London, and I have felt a kind of mournful satisfaction in the matter, as it is on behalf of the widow of the late Mr Rodgers. One vessel is loaded and the other is now loading. I am also shipping 3 cargoes this week. Lord be pleased to grant each and every vessel a safe and prosperous voyage.

September 15th

Having no tidings of the vessels loaded 10 days ago I indulge the hope they are all safely arrived in London and Lynn. In the affairs of my Trust for Mrs Astrop, another unpleasant matter will transpire tomorrow in the sale of the fixtures, furniture etc. of the “Swan Inn”, the landlord being called upon to refund £200 borrowed money. I am greatly anxious to be released from the Trust and hope (if spared) that it will be affected by the close of the year.

September 18th

In anxiety as to obtaining a vessel Lord wilt Thou undertake for me. Monday last was a day of much concern being the sale of goods at the Swan Inn. O the distress of Bills of Sale! I do again feel thankful for the deliverance in my own affairs in the year 1845 and in this month.

September 23rd

No vessel ahs arrived to load.

September 28th

This is a dull and raining day (4pm) but I am thankful a vessel has been engaged to load on the 30th. On Tuesday last a letter from my dear daughter.

October 4th 7pm

I have succeeded in obtaining a vessel to load tiles for Mr Sankey, which has again relived my anxiety. This is a week if much business. On the 2nd I consented to be Mrs Oswell’s Trustee, and trust this act will have the Divine blessing. I have been the subject of Rheumatic pain in my right arm for many days past, but have a hope that the means used (a plaister) will relive the pain.

October 12th

My office as Trustee in the affairs of Mrs Astrop and Mrs Oswell necessarily occupy my thoughts and engage my time.

October 20th

The past week was one of considerable business, chiefly the affairs of the late T. Oswell, but I made unto myself bitter work for humiliation by partaking too freely of liquor, and tho I did not expose myself to the world, and it was after all matters of business had been disposed of, yet, on awakening very early the following morning my mind was seized with horror at the baseness of my conduct. Several times I prayed earnestly for God’s mercy and forgiveness.

This morning Mr Abraham has preached a most excellent sermon 6 & 7 verses of 62nd Isaiah.

The trust of T. Oswell together with Mrs A’s and my own regular routine of business imposes considerable care upon me.

October 27th

I was not able to go to the Prayer Meeting in consequence of being compelled to take medicine. I have evidently being suffering a slight attack of epilepsy and it is painful, especially while in bed.

November 3rd

Mr Findlay has faithfully warned the church of her worldly practical infidelity, her conformity to the spirit of the world to the habits, customs and recreations opf the merely moral around her.

November 7th

I look back to this date in the year 1860 and remembering my pain would be thankful to the God of all mercies that I am not confined to house as I was during the month of November. I yet have some pain and weakness in my right arm and am far from recovering its usual elasticity and strength.

Last evening the greater number of our Class referred to the heart felt sermon which Mr Findlay preached on Sunday morning.

We had very strong weather on the 1st and 2nd instant, the sudden effects of which have been loss of life and property on the sea. I am waiting with some anxiety to know whether the vessel (Bee, Owen) has arrived in London but I strive to compose my spirit.

November 10th

This is a stormy day. I would be sincerely thankful that I received tidings that the tile vessel arrived safely on Tuesday last.

November 14th

Yesterday I was bound under an attack of influenza and cold which came on the day previous while in Hull.

I have not yet had a vessel to load.

November 24th

I experience some disappointments and unexpected complaints from my customers.

November 25th 10am

The wind has changed and is now contrary for my vessel, after having been loaded since Thursday afternoon last. In the affairs of Astrop’s Trust I calculate on being obliged to act while she lives and the property will then be sold. I may the as I except resign.

December 1st

The wind blew very high at 3am. I am anxious for the safety of a vessel, tho insured I pray that they may have a safe passage.

We had a delightful sermon by Mr Findlay.

This evening Mr F is to improve the death of Miss Atherton (late infant school teacher) who has died very happy.

December 14th

I was thankful to learn (by post) this day that the vessel loaded 3 weeks ago, had arrived and I hope unloaded. One is yet on her passage.

December 23rd

Troubled in mind having given notice at the Leaders Meeting that I shall certainly resign my Office as Society Steward and in as much I do not feel comfortable and easy in the meetings I have deemed it right that I should give up the Office. I have not acted in a rash, hasty spirit but have for some time contemplated the evening’s decision.

December 29th

Having been solicited to retain the office of Steward, I propose to do so and will, thro the help of God, endeavour to avoid giving or taking offence. My wife returned from Manchester last evening, and I feel at a loss as to the course we all ought to take in reference to my daughter’s engagement. The announcement was made at the quarterly meeting on the 27th of a great falling off in numbers and finances throughout the Circuit as compared with former years.

December 31st

I am intending to remain at home that my daughter (M.J.) may attend the watch-night service.

Yesterday I wrote to my daughter (Elizabeth) discountenancing the subject of a union with W.J.N. at least for some time, his circumstances not justifying so important a step.


January 3rd 1862

I was led to use string language towards Miss Astrop being grieved at the sprit she manifested. I do indeed regret that I am so closely connected as the Trustee for her mother.

January 11th

Last evening the society Tea Meeting was held and it was a good season and truly profitable.

January 12th

I slept as soundly the last night that I had not awake at the time of going to the Prayer Meeting.

My mind is affected by the fact that my dear daughter Elizabeth is compelled thro bodily weakness to resign her situation and will probably return home during the week.

January 19th

My daughter Elizabeth has not yet returned but was thankful to receive a letter from one of her friends stating she was much better and would stay a few days previous to returning home.

January 24th

I have at length loaded a vessel for Messer’s E .. but she is both wind bound and roped. There is upwards of 100 sail in the Humber which have been wind bound many of the tem for 10 or 12 days past. The Lord has graciously interposed for me in the matter of supplying Mr Usher with bricks and I adore his goodness and mercy. He knows my sensitiveness on appoint of fidelity in a bargain (or contract rather) of this nature.

January 31st

I am now called to a new exercise in mind by the contemplated union of my dear daughter Elizabeth with the object of her affections.

February 2nd

I am reading the Life of Rev Jos Entwisle. I am frequently thinking and praying for my daughter (Elizabeth) and am desirous to see her comfortably settled.

February 6th

An unhappy understanding on the part of my neighbour (in the trade) has produced in his mind some bitter feelings towards me, as appears from a note I received this evening and to which I have replied, tho I had posted a letter to the party at noon (this day) and which in part anticipated his note. The above circumstances adds to my mental anxiety previously produced by my dear daughter inability to leave Manchester thro affliction. I am however thankful for the information that medical assistance had been available in removing the pain in her side.

February 13th

I am much disappointed in our not receiving a letter from Manchester to inform us when my dear daughter Elizabeth will return home. I look forward to the morning’s post and hope we may receive her in safety by the train at noon. I am however in fear a relapse may have occurred.

February 16th

On Friday last my beloved daughter arrived in safety and was sufficiently able to attend our public meeting in the evening. The Chapel was well filled and address proved highly interesting. Mr Wilson (Missionary from fife) preached on Thursday evening and Mr Roberts on Friday afternoon.

February 19th

On Monday evening while stating (in the Leader’s Meeting) the painful exercises I had passed through I could not but observe the lack of Christian sympathy evidently manifested. Earnest and fervent prayer was made on behalf of Mr Bygott who ruptured a blood vessel on the 13th

February 23rd

Mr Findley made some good observations this morning, but he marred the profit his discourse was calculated to impact by the remarks he made at the close on the doctrine of Election and which I thought entirely uncalled for. Personally I could not subscribe to his opinions.

February 26th

My dear daughter is exceedingly weak having had a severe and heavy shaking fit on Sunday evening.

March 2nd

My dear daughter is much better and I could hope that thro’ continued mercy she will shortly regain her former health.

My daughter M.J.B. manifests hitherto no seriousness of spirit nor any concern for her salvation.

March 9th

My dear S.E.B. accompanied me to the Chapel. We contemplated her marriage (if spared in health) this summer.

March 16th

Mr Gay gave an excellent and experimental sermon from 1st verse 5r chap 2nd Corins

March 28th

My wife and S.E.B. are in Hull, the latter being desirous to visit our friends, and I am thankful on her behalf that she is so much restored.

April 6th

The weather is very cold, the wind being easterly with rain. Many hundred of acres of land in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire are overflowed and all sowing is for the present suspended. Great numbers of the manufacturing workmen in Lancashire are out of employment thro the American War. A.B is afflicted with sciatica. My daughter is in Hull.

Our parish is much excited on the subject of rates occasioned by an attempt to divide the 2 parishes which will cause the rates to fall heavily on St Mary’s. I desire to be found avoiding all bitterness and evil speaking which have already manifested themselves against certain influential individual parishioners. The Magistrate’s decision will probably determine whether legal proceedings must be instituted to settle the vexing question.

April 13th

The last week has been an important time. I had a fear that J. B..h would not complete his purchase of the house and it compelled me going over to the heir at law of Mark Wright in Grimsby. Through the good providence of God I succeeded (by paying £5) in obtaining his signing over his rights and now the business will proceed in due course.

I have also obtained a vessel to load next week for which for which I would be grateful.

April 21st

This is an important day, it being arranged that my daughter’s marriage shall take place early next month.

April 27th

I have been unwell. Last night I was greatly troubled in bed an today feel the weakening effect on my system generally. It is probably my daughter’s marriage will be postponed a week or perhaps a fortnight. This morning Mr Smith (Winterton) occupied or pulpit for Mr Trammer (who is poorly)and gave an excellent sermon.

May 2nd

My mind was disturbed on Monday evening in reference to the expenses of our last Quarter Day. I certainly resolve that if the Stewards were compelled to defray the expenses I should resign the office of society Steward. This day A.B. has gone over to Manchester top make such arrangements as may be deemed requisite for the intended marriage of our dear Elizabeth as it would that it must take place on the 10th. The second alteration has caused much work and preparation which would have been avoided had the time remained for the 24th.

May 4th

My wife returned from Manchester last evening and was unable to accomplish a great degree of business in finishing our daughter’s house. Te marriage has I trust been finally determined to take place on the 17th.

May 10th

My first new tiles are shipped for London.

May 16th

This day we are much engaged in preparations for my daughter’s marriage tomorrow. The united couple will proceed home in the afternoon.

A debt in Beverly (of which I am now in doubt) rather mars my comfort but O Saviour preserve from needless anxious care.

May 20th

On Saturday last my dear daughter was married and I trust under the blessing of God. In the afternoon (while alone) my spirits were much affected with the thought and fact that I had (as it were) lost one of my dearest earthly treasures.

This morning my wife went to Manchester for the purpose of settling the accounts for the house furniture etc, and assisting in the completion of all needful arrangements.

May 27th Tuesday

My wife is still in Manchester and I was thankful to receive tidings from her yesterday that they were all well and I would hope with an improvement in my dear daughter’s health. I am again disposing of a portion if my property being a portion of the Humber Growths, to Wm Foster Esq. I recovered some comfort in my mind in reference to the expenses incurred on the last Quarter Day, having resolved that the bills should be paid, and to leave the repayments (to the Stewards) in abeyance, whether we receive the full amount or otherwise.

June 1st

Last evening my Wife returned from Manchester (via Hull) at 7/30 in safety and good health. Her letter in the morning much discouraged as W.J.N was suffering in his knee from a severe bruise and both my wife and daughter were poorly. My wife left them much recovered and during her absence we have been preserved in good health.

My mind is occupied with conflicting thoughts on the subject of resigning my office as Society Steward, but I wait until the end of the Quarter which is the 23rd instant.

June 10th 6/30pm

I am troubled by the tidings that my dear daughter has had a return of hysteria, and I cannot suppress the feeling or impression that a frequency of such attacks will so far debilitate her as to induce consumption or decline which doubtless result in her death.

June 15th

I was thankful to hear (on the 13th) that my dear daughter was much better.

Thus far the Lord has prospered me this season, and I desire implicitly to trust in Him for the remaking portion of the shipping season. I hope shortly to complete satisfactorily my sale to W. Foster Esq.

June 21st

The last two London vessels have safely arrived. One of the captains (Laverach) is much dissatisfied with his freight. I hope my letter will affect a peaceable settlement of the affair. Yesterday morning Mrs Astrop died and probably some changes will transpire as reguard the property. I do indeed desire that I could be relived of this Trust being anxious to have only my own affairs to superintend.

June 29th

My daughter E.A. went over to Manchester on Friday last and tho alone arrived in comfort and safety at her sisters. I am preparing to follow her during the present week.

July 2nd 8.30pm

I have just completed my preparations for the intended journey to Manchester. The sale of land to Mr Foster is not fully complete O may it satisfactorily be arranged.

July 18th

I was prevented staying longer than 7 days with my children in Manchester by orders which came to hand immediately on my leaving home. I was unable to execute them satisfactorily and am thankful. At this time I am fully engaged in making arrangements to meet the wishes of my friend.

July 20th

The chant was again sung in the Chapel after having been long discontinued.

July 27th

We (parents) deemed it our duty, last evening faithfully to warn our daughter against encouraging a certain young man whose morals are very exceptionable, and this morning also I protested strongly to her tho I trust in a proper spirit.

This day our Sunday School sermons are being preached by Mr Stoker.

August 3rd

I have been compelled to take painful measures with R. Clarke (the Swan Inn). The Trust of Mrs Astrop’s is a great trouble to me. In mu own business I would be truly thankful that I am permitted to enjoy success having a great demand for goods, more probably than I am able to meet.

August 17th

The post brings me some important letters and I desire to be guided on the morrow when I open them in the way I should go. My wife went to London on the 13th and they have had much rain. We have however been favoured with fine weather all alst week. This is a very cold rain, the wind E.N.E

My daughter (M.J.) went to London yesterday.

August 31st

My daughter returned from London last evening safely but I regret she declines to go to God’s house this morning because of a little indisposition. My dear wife was quite well in London, I propose leaving jhome (with my dear youngest) on Wednesday next.

September 2nd 8pm Tuesday

I have made my arrangements for taking my long intended journey to London with my dear youngest daughter tomorrow (May we meet our dear parent in comfort and health).

September 14th 4pm

Last evening I and our dear youngest reached home in comfort and safety I had a most unhappy journey to London having a violent attack of Diarroehea at Retford. I feel greatly afraid of so long journeys.

The Lord be with my wife in London, and my dear daughter in Birmingham and her partner in Manchester.

September 28th

We are informed of my dear wife’s safe arrival in Manchester last evening. May it be a happy visit to all.

October 5th

I am prostrated by bowl complaint and unable to leave the house. I have also had much pain I would hope that now (4pm) I should recover my strength.

October 10th 6.13pm

Death is removing our towns-people. Mr Andrews died on Thursday and Mrs Morley last evening. My wife returned home last night in good health. I am rather troubled in spirit respecting my dear children in Manchester, fearing that they do not economize their precarious resources. This week has been a time of anxiety and disappointment as to shipment of goods, there being no vessels to procure.

October 28th

This is an eventful day: my son in law was discharge from his situation on the 25th and there seems at present no alternative but endeavouring to do business on his own account. For this purpose I am under the necessity of advancing £150. My dear wife unites with me in this act. Lord save my daughter from depression and grief. Bless her partner with wisdom, profitable to direct him in all his steps for thy Mercy’s sake.

November 2nd

At this season of the year (10 years ago) I was most painfully exercised in reference to my financial affairs. Dreading almost daily and weekly that I must resign all my property into the hands of my creditors. In less than 12 months my captivity was turned and since that time how greatly has the Lord favoured me! I am however now required to make provision for my son and daughter and feel truly thankful that the Lord has prepared me in this respect for their difficulties.

November 9th

The last week was a busy period and probably 2 or 3 vessels are yet at sea. One left this place yesterday I am resolved to decline taking any part in the new Local Government of the Town which is about being established. I prefer quietness and peace. We are anxious to know how matters are with our son and daughter. I propose writing to them on the morrow with speed.

November 16th

Yesterday morning I was led to speak more strongly to M.J.B than I ought to have done.

My son in law has furnished me with an account of his business transactions which I humbly hope indicate a future prosperity. In this hope I remitted £100 to him on Friday last.

November 23rd

Isaac Marsden is this day preaching the annual day-school sermons.

November 28th 5pm

I was led by circumstances connected with my offer of the house to Mr Holt in Hull to write a strong note to Miss Cl complaining that my endeavours to promote their interests appeared totally ineffectual, and that consequently I was earnestly desirous she should obtain another Trustee in my place.

In business matters I am blessed infinitely beyond my deserts, and trust the year will close happily in this respect.

December 7th

I opened a letter this day, being anxious to know from whom it came and was happy to learn the safe arrival and delivery of a vessel (loaded on the 22nd). A letter from my daughter acknowledges with gratitude the receipt of linen sent to her on the 4th.

December 21st

The past week has been one of anxiety in reference to the sale of the Pool property as Mr Milsthorp threatens to enforce the bargain made with him 3 years ago, but which my solicitor advises me cannot be affected. Mr Milsthrop in the meantime is using very harsh language towards me. I feel this affair considerably mars my proposed visit (at least in prospect) to Manchester. My daughter (M.J) is laid aside by cold and unable to leave home toady. Mr Tranmer (I not already removed) is at the point of death. A local preacher, Mr Cuthbert who is to be sent out as a Missionary is supplying Mr Tramner’s appointment.

December 23rd 6pm

I am making all useful preparations for our journey to Manchester tomorrow. The party at Pool (Mr Milsthrop) has placed the matter in the hands of his solicitors. I am consequently now bound to shew cause against his proceedings. I wait anxiously the return form Wakefield of Mr Barrick hoping to receive some favourable tidings as the result of his interview with Mr Siddall.

8.30pm The tidings by Mr Barrick are favourable and I have foundation fo0r hope that Mr Milsthrop will take no further proceedings.

December 28th 5pm

My mind was calm and undisturbed during our stay in Manchester and I trust the Lord is succeeding my son-in-law in his business transactions. I know not until I see Mr B how the affair with Mr Milsthorp is progressing, whether it is closed or he is intending to a law suit.

December 31st 10/45am

The affair with Mr Milthorp is yet undisposed of and causes me much uneasiness in my spirit. The year would have closed in much comfort but for this unhappy case.

My business transaction s have been numerous and profitable. The marriage of my dear daughter Elizabeth and her husband’s loss of his situation may be noted as the two great events of the year, but I am sincerely thankful to the God of all our mercies that he has placed the means at my disposal to assist my son in law enabling him to commence business in a small scale and with God’s blessing procure a livelihood. I have ventured to give notice that in February next I shall pay in the remainder of mortgage (£200) on my Brick Yard property. My wife and myself visited our children on the 24th. We spent the time pleasantly and returned safe and happy on 27th. My 2 years of Office as Society Steward expires this month. Were my mind at ease I would readily continue in Office.


January 3rd 1863 7pm

I am still in doubt as to the result of the case above referred to as there is a probability that law-proceedings will yet take place.

January 4th

A letter from Mr S of Otley I hope is still further satisfactory as to the justice and equity of my transactions with Mr M. My wife returns home 3/30am disturbed me but I was thankful to learn that Mrs Scarborough had been safely delivered of fine boy tho with instruments.

I seem almost ready to expire at the trouble Mr M-p cause occasions. I feel it more keenly as Mr K would fair represent me as acting a most dishonourable part towards him, and now with endeavour to carry out his threats by an appeal to the judges of the Court of Chancery.

January 10th

Death has visited a family with which we were on intimate terms, removing the surviving parent, namely Mr J. Wright.

I am still in suspense as to the cause which will be pursued in the case of Mr Milthorp.

January 11th

One of our class (Miss Huntsman) has been called away from earth on the 15th. She has exchanged earth for heaven!

I indulge the hope that further legal proceedings will be stayed in the case of the Pool property and Mr Milthrop.

January 24th

On Tuesday the purchase of the above property was completed and the money duly paid to me leaving Mr M to adopt any measures he may deem proper. Last evening I gave Mr B..k instructions to make another Will and hope I shall give satisfaction to my wife and children. To meet the wishes of the former the clause “or so long as she shall remain my Widow” is left out and I have also given her £50 at one month after my decease. My wife will now be provided for fully equal to her present position.

January 28th 5.30

I have this afternoon executed my Will, the marriage and advance of money to my daughter Elizabeth rendering it needful. My dear daughter Elizabeth is at present very well in health.

February 6th

Arrangements are now in course for my paying ion the last instalment of my mortgage on the Brick Yard estate Tuesday next. I hope the affair will be completed.

February 12th

My joy was marred on being informed that during my daughter’s (Mary Jane) visit to her sister in Manchester, she had a visit paid her by the young man whom I greatly dislike. It occasions me much anxiety and disquiet.

February 15th 5.15pm

I fear domestic peace and comfort has again been disturbed this day, arising out of the case of M.J’s acquaintance. If any observations of mine have produced the painful effect on my wife’s mind I would deplore it, and will refrain from further allusion to the matter.

February 26th

My wife left home pr 6.10 train fro Manchester on Tuesday and arrived safely at our daughters in due time.

In temporal matters I have cause for great gratitude, tho perhaps I may have been sanguine and rather premature ion closing my mortgage on the Brick Yard.

March 1st

My son-in-law had a fit on Wednesday or Thursday last. Today we have a letter from himself stating he has greatly recovered.

March 4th

Yesterday’s tidings greatly revived me. W.N. is much recovered and they were all restored to comparative comfort as contrasted with last Friday.

March 8th

My dear daughter was safely delivered of a daughter at 11.30am yesterday. We received a letter by the 9.30 train and up to 5pm both mother and infant were well. There is much excitement in the nation on the occasion of the marriage of the Prince of Wales which it is intended shall take place on Tuesday next.

March 10th

The weather has greatly changed. In the morning there was snow, and afterwards we had rain. My daughter Mary Jane complains of pain in her head, and a letter from A.B seems rather to add to than lessen our trouble.

March 17th

I feel somewhat lonely and my wife’s absence from home seems to increase the sensation. The last intelligence from my wife was favourable both as regards the mother and her dear little one.

March 22nd

This is my birthday. Who would have thought that at six months old I should have lived to the age of 62 years. I was led to serious thought respecting my son in law and his family by his statement yesterday that he was very nervous and weak.

March 27th

This evening I am prevented by indisposition from going to Chapel having been obliged to take pills during the day for costiveness (constipation). I feel week and poorly as I always am when I am under the necessity to take medicine.

Yesterday I arranged with Mr Foster (of Lincoln) for bricks tiles etc. and to a great extent for this year and the next.

March 29th

I never, if memory served me rightly, balanced my books for the year so quickly as last evening. I was indeed thankful, the gain, on the whole, more for the past year than 1861.

I enjoyed the Morning Prayer meeting. One of our company (usual present) was absent alas! I had been informed a day or two ago that he had taken too much liquor, and so have I. Lord have mercy on my precious soul.

April 8th

My wife and I arrived home safely last evening from Manchester. The visit has been of a painful character. Immediately on reaching my daughter I was informed of W.J.N’s conduct and behaviour which has certainly been wrong to his wife and her mother. I soon discovered he had conducted himself very unkindly towards the latter and I felt greatly annoyed. On Saturday evening however matters reached a fearful crisis and hard words passed between us. I should have left the house at the moment but A.B persuaded me to remain. I yet hope that we parted on better terms.

April 13th

On Saturday last we received a letter from my dear daughter and I would humbly trust that her husband will take a different course.

April 19th

Mr G. Robinson was interred on Wednesday last. Thus another firend has left me. Shall I not soon follow?

April 28th

Being anxious to know whether W.J.N has again commenced meeting in Class I have this day written to Mr Hibbert on the subject. O that the rely may be in the affirmative. I am much concerned as to the spiritual state of my son-in-law, lest he should be grieving for the Holy Spirit.

May 1st

We are now in anxiety as to the future of our children in Manchester having received a letter from them yesterday to the affect that he was applying for a situation in Liverpool which had become vacant. The parties require security of £400 and I should feel justified in becoming responsible to that extent. Both my wife and myself remind W.N of his treatment to when in Manchester. I wait with much concern to know the effect and result of our reply to his application.

May 8th

Still anxiously waiting to know the position of my son in law whether he is yet endeavouring to obtain the situation in Liverpool.

May 12th

No tidings from my daughter. I felt my mind grieved thro some misrepresentation of Mr Hall’s men by which I have lost the sale of some thousand tiles. I saw Mr H last evening and today I addressed a note to him on the subject.

May 17th

We were thankful to learn (by letter from my daughter) that she and her dear little one were well. But how matters are with her husband we are still in ignorance. Perhaps my dear child may yet be under the necessity of returning to her father’s house, both for shelter and livelihood. Some rather painful circumstances are now occurring, one with Mr Hall, another with Mr Lavers.

May 24th

I was disappointed in not receiving an order from a party whom I supplied with goods last year.

July 2nd

Lately I have destroyed a considerable portion of my writing of former years and it is not my intention to write much during the period it may please the Lord to spare me on earth. My daughter Elizabeth is now with us, but the unhappy difference with us and her husband proves a great drawback on our pleasure.

The tile trade (in London) is undergoing a change evidently the effect of prices being lowered or reduced by competition. I am occasionally troubled as to my ability to fulfil any engagement to supply Mr Foster withy the bricks he will require in the next year, having accepted an order (some weeks ago) which will press me very closely.

July 19th

My daughter (Elizabeth) returned home yesterday. On Wednesday last we met her husband in Hull; it was not however a happy meeting, and I have great fear that his Establishment will be broken up and that my daughter with her dear baby must return to take up their abode with us.

I have recently loaded 2 vessels and orders on hand.

August 16th

We are still in suspense as to the case of my son in law it being postponed to the 28th instant. This circumstance and my wife’s intended journey to London rather trouble me. I have but little hope my daughter’s husband limited business will support a family. The alternative is a temporary separation by her return to us.

September 6th

I have passed thro some painful circumstances recently in reference to an article Plain Tiles, sent to Messer’s E-woods and which be a loss to me of considerable amount, probably £15 and at the present time U am in a strait as to the shipment of certain orders on hand, but hope to be relieved on the morn by a letter which this day’s post ha brought. The rain continued to come down daily, and my wheat could not be all led and trashed. This was accomplished last week but I shall suffer a little in price, but I would be very thankful for the great yield and hope to dispose of the whole in 2 or 3 days hence.

My son in law’s case was given in is favour but the party threatens to try it again. He cannot succeed in obtaining a situation, tho he has made several attempts. This matter much troubles me.

September 28th

Yesterday my daughter (Elizabeth) informed us that her husband had engaged a situation to commence his duties on the 28th.

My mind is much disturbed occasionally by the unsatisfactory burning of the bricks and tiles.

Yesterday my daughter (M.J) went to Howden, my wife having returned form London on Wednesday last.

October 25th

A rather anxious desire to know the contents of a letter from London in reference to a cargo shipped on the 13th now could trouble me. I desire however to await patiently until the morning and commit my cause to the Lord.

November 1st

I am in some anxiety as to the safety of a vessel laoded on the 28th and now (I hope) at sea.

November 8th

This is truly a cold and cheerless day. The wind is now decidedly against the southern bound vessels and I am anxious respecting my vessels which left Barton 10 days ago. The rain also prevents bricks being secured.

November 12th

Yesterdays post brought me intelligence of the safe arrival of my vessel in London (on the 10th). I am sincerely thankful, especially as during the first week from leaving Barton many heavy gales occurred, tho I yet await to know the loss which must I think be experienced in breakages.
I have recovered from a sudden and severe attack of lumbago on the 10th at 8am. The pain abated in an hour and I was able to go to Hull by the 11.18 train.

My daughter Lizzie feels the want for money.

November 23rd

Yesterday the annual sermons were preached on behalf of the Day Schools by Mr Weatherill.

November 29th

My mind was much relived on Wednesday last by letter from Manchester informing me that the party, with whom Norris had a trial in September, had paid the debt and I hope cots also.

December 13th

I have not shipped my goods since October 28th, but since that time what a fearful loss of life and property has been experience in various parts of the sea and especially about the 3rd and 4th instant. I have been again especially favoured in this respect thro another year in that no vessel has been either lost or (I think) even damaged.

December 27th

On the 24th I visited my children in Manchester and returned last evening safely and in peace, I did enjoy my visit and trust that with the Divine blessing my son in law will recover his circumstances temporarily and he will not remain unconnected with the church of God.


January 24th 1864

I am doing little business, not having shipped any goods for 3 months past. The engagement with Mr F (of Lincoln) is at present uncommenced, to be fulfilled and I have a large stock of bricks etc. in my yard.

January 31st

I am reading a work of the Rev Angwell James.

February 7th

I would be unfeignedly thankful that at length there is a prospect of MR F building in the course of a 12 month at the furthest period.

February 14th

Being displeased with a remark made by A.B I spoke hastily and firmly that I would not allow it. I wish however to act prudently. We received tidings from M all well.

February 28th

I have in the last week experienced a disappointment in not receiving an order from London, having again been under sold. I am somewhat exercised as to my contract with Mr F (of Lincoln).

On Sunday last I commenced to play the violoncello in the Orchestra. The choir has returned in a body, and we have now better singing and hope we shall so continue until the new organ (which is being ordered) is put up. The Missionary Anniversary services were held last week and we all enjoyed them in a family.

March 13th

I would be truly thankful that my dear family in Manchester is well. My daughter is desirous to see us at Easter-tide.

April 3rd

My wife and myself spent Easter tide with our Manchester family (A.B) having been there from March 24th and we returned on Tuesday last. We were comfortable tho the weather was very cold, especially on Monday.

Yesterday I closed my books for the past year, and am thankful for the favourable result, but am somewhat concerned as to my contracts with Mr Foster and trade generally. This morning the organ was again opened after being repaired by Mr Pastill.

April 10th

I am troubled as to Mr Foster’s relinquishing his purpose to build at all. It will assuredly involve a loss to me in addition to having 200 (thousand?) bricks to dispose of more this year than I expected. I shall also have a loss on 15,000 tiles recently sent to Mr Good of Grimsby.

April 17th

On Tuesday I shall effect a sale of bricks to a considerable extent.

April 24th

The Lord allowed me my hope in affecting a Sale of Bricks. I cherish the hope I shall be enabled to dispose of a further quantity. On Wednesday evening last the Missionary Jubilee meeting was held and I think a fair and reasonable sum is given and promised. I enjoyed the meeting and gave 2 guineas; but I propose to give an additional sum. My Office’s text this morning was the last 3 verses o9f the 92nd Psalm.

May 2nd 10am

My mind is unavoidably exercised as to the sale of both bricks and tiles. I hope my daughter (M J) is better, tho not fully recovered.

May 8th

I rose at 6 o’clock agitated and troubled on the subject of my business or trade, and imagined myself so over stoked wit goods and my account with the Bank so greatly reduced that it greatly reduced that it greatly marred my comfort an peace. It is probable that I may yet see it needful to leave home for a season, and with God’s blessing endeavour to effect sales. My daughter went again to consult the surgeon at Wikenby on Friday, but strongly easterly winds greatly retard her recovery. Mr Alcock, Rob Brown and Wm Willlingham now lie corpses in the town.

May 17th 9.30am

This is the anniversary of my daughter’s marriage.

I had made preparations for a journey to London yesterday but would humbly hope that the letters which came to hand the previous day (Sunday) and correspondence with other parties may render it necessary for me to visit my customers this year.

May 20th

After long continued dry hot weather we have rain with thunder which doubtless will produce a favourable change to the production of nature. My daughter Mary Jane continues very feeble.

May 28th

I have succeeded in loading an dispatching a vessel at 11.30am this morning. It has been a week of much anxiety and I desire to acknowledge this special mercy to myself and the Captain, who had been detained (wrongfully) with a cargo in his vessel in Hull. I hope I have been enabled to agree with Mr Downey for about 270 tons of goods, and that Messers E – will also take some during the season. On Thursday my friends from Hull visited us (being the Fair) and we spent an agreeable day.

May 29th 9.45 am

My wife and youngest daughter were both much indisposed and the former took to her bed at 2pm for the remaining part of the day and night.

June 11th 9pm

I have again been highly favoured in the loading of a vessel for London, and getting her away. A large stock on hand of bricks and pavings keep me low. I would hope present prospects are good (as regards my London trade) not withstanding the competition.

June 12th

Rather disappointed in not receiving communication from Lynn and Greenwich. May I be preserved from impotence. It is dull and rainy which produces drowsiness.

June 19th

The lord has generously dispelled my fears and favourable replies were sent me from Lynn and Greenwich. This morning I heard a most precious sermon by Rev Retford(?) of Hull from John 20/17.

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