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Around the Maltby Lane Area


In the late 1940 and early 1950 I went to the Castle Dyke school it was a infant and junior school then as it is today. I moved to Providence House. If I remember correctly Mr. J Taylor was the head of the junior part of the school, Mr Taylor lived down Maltby lane not far from were I lived with my parents.

Opposite my parents house was the Salvation Army and the boys club Mr. B. Hall also lived on Malby lane, he was a horse farrier. As the council mainly used horses to do the majority of the work he was kept quite busy.

I can also remember a Mr. Phil Pape who was a stone mason and lived at the corner of Ferriby road he also ran a male voice choir.

My father Mr Billy Willis was the council foreman for some number of years,and we lived just in front of the council yard. My father would used a bike to get around the town to check up on the work which was in progress. In a winter he had to take care of the council office and one job was making sure the offices were warm for the staff .

In a summer time the old beck used to flood so the council had to make sure that the houses were not flooded by putting up boards in front of the doors with sand bags and clay to seal out the water .

My father was also a local preacher for the Barton Methodist Circuit which stretched from Wintringham out to Killingholme and Haborough. When he was going to preach on a Sunday he rode his bike to the chapel, he went as far as Kirmington, East Halton and Bonby. He had biked well over 20,000 miles over the years he was preaching.


Short Story from Maurice Willis of Barton


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