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Barton upon Humber


There are three walks in this section at the moment.

The Georgian Walk which takes you from Baysgarth Park through the market place, down George Street and along Priestgate, returning to the park along Whitecross Street.

The Victorian Walk which starts in the Market Place going down George Street and King Street. You will then go up the High Street with a slight detour down Queen Street. On the return section you travel down Holydyke, Vestry Lane and Chapel Lane returning to the Market Place up George Street.

The Waterside Walk starts at the bottom of Waterside Road and travels along the Humber Bank ( there is a detour for handicapped walkers ). You will then return to Waterside Road via Far Ings and Damn Road.

Whilst I have tried to show all the places and buildings mentioned in the walks this still does not show the full beauty of the town and so should you get the chance I can recommend you actually walking the routes.


A book "Town Trail" which was published in 1983 by the Civic Society has been reprinted and is on sale at various outlets in the town.
There is also a video of the trail on sale from the Civic Society.

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