1891 Census

Back Fleetgate Cont

Mary A Percival M 60y Wife
William Percival M 64y Head Tailor and Upholsterer (Self Employed)
Richard H Magawby S 19Y Lodger Shorthand Clerk
Christopher W M Broughton S 18Y Lodger Clerk in Holy Orders, Curate
John Thos Towle 5Y Son Scholar
William E Towle 7Y Son Scholar
George T Towle 10Y Son Scholar
Mary E Towle S 13Y Dau Scholar
Ann E Towle M 32Y Wife
Frederick G Towle M 36Y Head Postman
Harold A Harris S 26Y Lodger Clerk. M.S and L Rly
John French M 37y Head Horsebreaker (Employer)
Letitia K French M 33y Wife
Letitia M French 6y Dau
Annie E French 3y Dau
Lucy French 1y Dau
Margaret A French 10W Dau
Arthur Brummitt M 24y Head Drug Store Proprietor (Self Employed)
Jennie Brummitt M 24y Wife
Thomas Housam M 67y Head Labourer, Road (Local Board)
Damaris Housam M 55y Wife
Minnie R Housam S 19y Dau
Jessie L Coaltra 4y Dau Scholar
William Coaltra M 54y Head Late Mill Foreman
Hannah M Coaltra M 40y Wife Grocer
Ellen B Coaltra 13y Dau Scholar
Ada A Coaltra 8y Dau Scholar
Bessie French W 64y Head Milk Seller (Self Employed)
Ann French S 27y Dau
John Wilson M 81y Head Living on own means
James Vincent S 32y Servnt Valet (Domestic Servent)
Fanny E Howden S 24y Servnt Cook, Housekeeper
Harriet Clayton S 15y Servnt General Servent (Domestic)
Mary E Catton S 29y Visitr
Frederick Perkins S 27y Son Labourer (General)
Charles Perkins M 56y Head Labourer (General)
Cecilia Perkins S 23y Dau Dress and Mantle Maker (Self Employed)
Elizabeth Perkins M 58y Wife Dress and Mantle Maker (Self Employed)
Alice Sanderson 11y Dau Scholar
Jessie Sanderson 13y Dau Scholar
George Sanderson S 24y Son Joiner and Carpenter
Elizabeth Sanderson M 49y Wife
Charles Sanderson M 49y Head Joiner and Carpenter
Louisa Sanderson 9y Dau Scholar
William Alewood W 39y Head Engineer, Fitter and Erector
Sophia Alewood S 50y Sister Hosekeeper (Dom)
Ellen Alewood 14y Dau
Florence Alewood 12y Dau
Christopher G Alewood 6y Son
William Mersom 13y Brothr
Elizabeth A Mersom S 15y Head Housekeeper (Dom)
Georgina Mersom 11y Sister
George Grassby M 33y Son Tile Maker
Annie Collingwood S 13y Grndau Scholar
Charlotte H Collingwood W 34y Dau
Mary Grassby W 71y Head Living on own means
Ettie Jickells S 12Y Dau
Louisa Jickells M 53Y Wife
Arthur Jickells M 48Y Head Tailor, Confectioner and Tobacconist (Self Employed)
Alice Leaning 9Y Niece Scholar
Maria A Thompson S 42Y Head Pork Butcher
Elizabeth Ellis M 55Y Wife
Thomas Ellis M 55Y Head Grocer (Self Employed)
Theorde H Akester 1Y Son
William H Akester 11Y Son Scholar
Mary Akester M 30Y Wife
George P Akester 8Y Son Scholar
Charles Akester M 35Y Head Labouer (General)
Charles S Akester 10Y Son Scholar
Charlotte Gindell S 16Y Servnt Servant (Domestic)
Hannah Proctor S 17Y Servnt Gen Dom Servant
Ethel G Winship 6Y Dau Scholar
Mary M Winship 10Y Dau Scholar
Alocthie B R Winship 13Y Dau Scholar
Percy C L Winship 15Y Son Student (Engineer)
Caroline Winship M 38Y Wife
George Winship M 38Y Head Brick and Tile Maker (Employer)
Robert Jas Wells M 48Y Head Chemist (Employer)
Jessie Barratt S 16Y Servnt General Servant (Domestic)
Arthur P Wells 3Y Son
Robert Geo Wells 12Y Son Scholar
John L Wells S 17Y Son Apprentice Chemist
Mary E Wells M 49Y Wife
James Horner Barraclough M 57Y Head Marine Store Dealer (Self Employed)
Mary Barraclough 10Y Dau Scholar
Beatrice Barraclough 14Y Dau General Servant (Domestic)
Robert J Barraclough S 22Y Son Labourer (Cement)
Annie Barraclough M 50Y Wife Fruit Dealer (Green) (Self Employed)
Rosetta T Barraclough S 24Y Dau Factory Hand (Rope)

Fleetgate (Wagon and Horses)
Alice Parkinson M 24y Wife
Helen M Bainbridge S 13y Servnt Gen Dom Servant
Walter Parkinson M 27y Head Licensed Retailer

Fleetgate, Brummitts Passage
George Pickard 13y Son Errand Boy
Mary E Pickard 11y Dau Scholar
Mary E Pickard M 39y Wife
Horatio Pickard M 39y Head Flax Dresser
Ethel Pickard 6y Dau Scholar
Mary A Pickard 8y Dau Scholar
Florence Pickard 1y Dau
Alice M Pickard 3y Dau
Ernest Pickard 4y Son
Richard Calligan S 44y Son Locomotive Driver
Mary Calligan W 63y Head

Fleetgate, Cocoa House
George Robinson M 46y Head Cocoa House Keeper (Self Employed)
Walter Marshall W 33y Lodger Goods Clerk, M.S and L Railway
William Houlton S 33y Visitr Valet
Jane Robinson M 46y Wife

Fleetgate, Eagle House
Ethel May Pigott 11y Dau
Mary Elizabeth Parkinson S 24y Gvrnss School Governess
Annie Wert S 15y Servnt Dom Servant,Housemaid
Evelina Everatt S 24y Servnt Dom Servant,Housemaid
Annie Elizabeth Headley S 25y Servnt Dom Servant,Cook
John Pigott 9y Son

Fleetgate, Steam Packet Inn
M Samson M 29y Boardr
George Samson M 30y Boardr Labourer (Fitter)
J Foster S 40y Boardr Labourer (Brickyard)
George H Rowe M 29y Head Inn Keeper (Pub) (Self Employed)

Fleetgate, White Swan Hotel
James Edwin Ross M 50y Head Hotel Keeper (Employer)
Sarah Ross M 49y Wife
Edith Ball S 19y Stpdau Barmaid
James Edward Castle S 26y Visitr Manager of Cement Wks (Employer)
Robert Bone S 20y Servnt Groom
Susannah Fryer S 20y Servnt Domestic Servant
Elizabeth Bacon S 13y Servnt Domestic Servant