A Town With A Past --- And A Future
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Making Ends Meet

Despite the £1.6m mentioned on page 1, additional funding has been secured or is being sought from the Glanford Building Preservation Trust and the SITA Trust. The latter distributes funding through the Landfill Communities Fund for community improvement projects around landfill sites owned by the waste management company SITA UK. If successful, the SITA funding will enable us to reconstruct the Victorian privy and walling around the Wilderspin garden.

In addition to money already spent on the School, the Preservation Trust will be providing in-kind support - mainly training costs for volunteers. The total capital budget is £1.7m but a number of changes had to be made to the original plans to match the available budget. Omissions will be reinstated as additional funds become available. The folding screen, for instance, will be carefully stored until more money is found. Gas-light fittings will have to wait for another day—but not too long we hope.

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