A Town With A Past --- And A Future
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Monday Morning


Don’t do that, John!
You should never lean upon
Your book. The corners will curl.
What are you doing, you silly girl?
Don’t sharpen your pencil all over your table!
Now what is it? What is the matter, Mabel?
David poked you with his pencil. What a disgrace!
David, that is very nasty. What is it, Grace?
Ronnie, don’t kick people. Keep your feet still –
Now, look at the blackboard. Yes, Bill?
You should have thought of that earlier.
Hurry up, then!
What date is it today? Now what, Ben?
Your cat has had kittens? How very sweet.
Make quite sure now that your writing is neat.
Haven’t I written the date? Oh dear –
Someone tell me, then I’ll write it here.
Monday 3rd April – Now, get on.
I must hear some reading, come along, Tom.
Don’t ask me for words when they’re up on the wall.
Now do get on quickly, or it will be time for the hall.
Here’s a rubber, Andy – what’s that? Renu’s been sick?
Don’t cry, Renu. I’ll clean you up in a tick.
I’ll put down some sawdust; go and find Mr. Brown, Jane.
Now, children, you must start writing again.
Tom, what are you doing, standing near to my table?
Did I tell you to read? You can see I’m not able.
Now go back and get on.
Not that way, Tom!
There, that’s better, Renu. You really look smart!
Oh no! Tom has slipped over!
What a start to the day.
No wonder my hair is turning grey!

Barbara Thompson
A retired teacher and a ‘Friend’ of QSS

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