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Barton Upon Humber
Queen Street School


Samuel Wilderspin, the designer of Queen Street School and the pioneer of infant schooling, is a name of worldwide significance.

The School building itself is unique and of international importance; experts from around the World tell us this! Discover the story behind Queen Street School and you will find it is a treasure to be kept. Yet it is deteriorating fast.

The people of Barton cannot let this happen! For long enough the doors of the School have remained closed.
Help us now to breathe new life back into its empty shell and provide a first-rate educational, heritage and community resource for all ages, visitors and towns people alike.Please fill in the form below indicating your support for Queen Street School and we shall keep you informed of further developments

Return form to Ms. E. Coombe, 39 Castle Dyke West, Barton upon Humber, DN18 5AR



Tel. No.

Yes I wish to become a 'Friend of Queen Street School' and keep me informed of further developments.

I have some old schooldays material, (school photos, books etc.) that might be of interest to the project.

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