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Named Photographs



Named Photographs

These are some of the photographs I have received with the names of the people in the photo. In some cases the person sending the photograph is requesting information and in that case an email button will be provided.

If you have any photographs you would like to add please send them to the webmaster. If you have information about the people in the pictures email me and I will add the info to the page.

Click on photograph for larger image.

Probably Jonathan Fox
( b.1808 Barton ), his wife Mary and 3 of their 4 children.

Sarah Helen Broomhead Fox
( b.1836 Barton ) and her husband Emil Glad

Probably John Charles Fox ( b. 1812 Barton ),

Charlotte Fox
( b. 1838 Barton )

2 children of Charlotte Fox and William Black - I believe the boy is Alec Black

Henry Weston Alcock-circa1880

Beatrice Goulthorpe

Charles Goldthorpe

John William Goulthorpe

Ernest and May Field

John Field Snr 1920's

Rev. Watson
circ 1820

Wright Boys
Beryl & Gladys Espin

Dolph Thorpe & Muriel Fletcher

Eric Espin

George Colley

James Fletcher & Doreen Gilfoy

John & Jack Burgess

Stanley Fletcher

Walter Espin & Children

John Oldridge and his grandson Thomas Jubb Oldridge 1856-1922

Frederick Evison and his wife Mary Ann Gouldthorpe


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