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Interesting Buildings In
Barton upon Humber

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Police Station
Barton Library
Lecture Hall
Old Hoppers Offices
Police Station
High Street
Barton Library
Lecture Hall
Late 1800's
Old Hoppers Offices
Brigg Road
Old Penny Bank
Satellite Photo of Barton
Regeneration Centre
Barton Market Place
Old Penny Bank
Railway Station
Old Mill, Waterside Road.
Old Hoppers Cycle Works
Oxford Cinema
Barton Railway Station
Waterside Road
Heusons Old Mill, Waterside Road
Old Hoppers Cycle Works,
Marsh Lane
Old Oxford Cinema
Newport Street
Baysgarth School
ACC Prill Tower
Old Swimming pool Barton
Fire at Maltkins
Beretun ( Baysgarth School )
Design By Phil Pape of Barton
ACC Prill Tower
Old Outdoor Swimming Pool
Baysgarth Park
Fire at the
Bardney Hall
ACC Works from North of the River
Humber  Bridge
Cob Hall
Rear of Bardney Hall on Whitecross Street, taken about 1900
ACC Works Looking From The North Bank Of The River
Humber Bridge Before The Road Sections
Cob Hall on Priestgate inj the time of Dr. Sissons
Chapel Farm
F J Canty Butchers, Market Place
Chapel Farm
Bennets Old House on Fleetgate
F.J. Canty butchers in the Market Place
Providence House about 1900

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