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This Notice Board contains requests for help. There will only be 20 requests at one time and new requests will start at the top and finally fall off the bottom.
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George Walker

Paperhanger and Decorator High St Barton

Searching for any information on my ancestor in the late 1800's.
Please contact me


Violet Grassby

My grandmother was Violet Grassby nee Jack born 1905 and she and her husband John Grassby ran a bicycle shop in Barton where Cooplands the Baker now stands. Her mother was Daisy Sampson who lived with her husband James at 15 King Street Barton from c 1906.

I would be grateful if anyone has any information regarding my family.



Major George Canty

I am an amateur military historian with an interest in the services of officers in the Royal Artillery.

I am currently researching Major George Canty, who served in the Royal Artillery in the First World War, and until 1936 as an officer in the Territorial Army (Northumbrian Brigade, Royal Field Artillery).

My research suggests that Major Canty was born in Barton-upon-Humber in 1886, and died there on 30 April 1963 (being buried in St Mary’s churchyard). It appears he worked in the town as an estate agent; served in the Special Constabulary during the Second World War; and was, in 1955, Vice-Chairman of the Lindsey County Council (which, if I understand it, included Barton-upon-Humber until its abolition in 1974).

I am very interested in any information you may have, or suggestions for further research, on Major Canty. I am interested in any details of his life and service, including local government service, and I am especially interested in obtaining a photo of him. I would be happy to pay for copies of photos etc, or an obituary, that may be available locally (apologies if I am assuming too much of your archives).

Any assistance or advice you could give would be greatly appreciated.

Lloyd email

Waterside Sports and Peter Gray

Has any of your contributors any stories about the waterside sports or carnival sports that where held as my father tells me he was always the one to beat in these races especially in the marathon race and I would dearly like to validate his stories. His name was Peter Gray he went on to manage the highly successful Barton united and played at a decent level with barton town .

here's hoping someone may know him

Jason Gray

Cyril Lewis Jackson

My maternal grandfather, Cyril Lewis Jackson, was born in Barton in 1898, the son of Lewis Jackson and his wife Alice (nee Ducker). They lived in Butts Road, where their house still stands (named Nisida; next door to Prosida).

I am keen to find out more about my family connection with Barton, a place which my mother remembers with great fondness from her childhood and teen years.

Lynn email

The Flying Horse Pub

I was wondering if you no anyone who knows about "the flying horse pub" which was in barton -my grandma was brought up there.

Humber View, West Acridge

I have recently found out that my great aunt - Eveline Mary Taylor - was born in Barton. On her birth certificate it gives the address "Humber View, West Acridge, Barton on Humber". I have visited this street and unfortunately all the houses now have numbers and no names. I was wondering if anyone has any information which might help me to find the exact house.

Many thanks

Julie Fraser


Benjamin Hudson

I'm hoping someone may be able to help me with information concerning a certain Benjamin Hudson-I believe he was the youngest child of a church minister of the same name.Born about 1810s,he moved to London c1840s-50s-then to India,where he made his living painting Indian dignitaries and Colonial Civil Servants.
I'm particularly interested in any aspect of his life in Barton-and any connection with families called Tomlinson or Moss(or any info re them)-but any scrap of information would be very gratefully recieved.

Thank you
John Tunnah


Arthur Grassam

I have recently found out that my Great-Grandfather was Arthur Grassam, born in Barton in 1872. His father was Alfred and almost certainly from the Lincs/Yorks area.

Unfortunately, Arthur ended up as a Barnados boy. I was hoping that someone might know where around Barton that might have been, and perhaps why this might have happened.

Arthur eventually made his way to Plymouth, where he married and had a son, before moving back to your area in about 1903. We know that he was a coastguard, and think there might have been some family link with your coastguard station or possibly just to shipping in the area.

Also, could somebody please tell me what Providence House has been used for in the past?

Cheryl Grassam email


Dawn Hayley Whiley ( now Bradley )

I am trying to find my sister Dawn but could be going by Hayley. she marries several years ago and I believe moved to barton area as her husband Jack Bradley works for geest. she has 2 daughters ( last I saw her ) Stephanie and Jade.
If anyone can help please contact craig on


Barton Grammar School

I was a pupil at Barton Grammar School during the period 1936 – 1940
I travelled to school daily from Goxhill on a school bus driven by a Mr Eastwood.
My brother Donald also attended during the period 1942 – 1947.
The only teacher I can remember was a Miss Rabey, who also came from Goxhill.
Anyone out there attended during the above periods?
Is there or has there ever been an old pupils association.

Stan Smaller email

Fred Hopper

I've never been to any other countries. Born in California, U.S.
I ride an old Hopper bicycle that I purchased at an auction.
My name is Richard Hopper, so when I saw a bike called Hopper my soul melted. I would love to find some of the family members connected to Fred Hopper of the elswick-hopper bicycle company.
Anyway I would love to come visit your beautiful town someday.
Richard Hopper

Leslie Green & Herbert Leslie Green

Hi I am tracing my family tree my father Leslie Green died at 45 with pre semial dementia in 1984 my grandfather Herbert Leslie Green was born in barton and lots of family lived in brickyard lane he died at 48 with dementia now my sister is 43 and has late dementia so would like anyone who could help me to contact me.

Richardson Family

I am trying to find anybody who has links to or can offer any information regarding the Richardson family who all seem to be south bank based until recent times.

My father Edmund (Ted) Richardson was born at 119 Waterside Road ,Barton (b 1934) to Richard (dick)
(b 1907) and Eileen (Elizabeth Gertrude Eileen Smith). Dick was a sloop captain working on amongst others Fred, Rising Hope, Annie H, and later Victory, Maranne and Juneville working initially for Barracloughs. My fathers brother also Richard (dick) (b 1932) was captain of the Lucy B. My father (ted) worked alongside both at times on the Humber and his grandfather was also called Edmund (b 1875) who I believe was on the sloop ,Verdun and others. All of the family seem to have worked on the river, as brickyard workers or farm labourers in and around Barrow, South Ferriby, Barton but despite reading any literature on the area or shipping they do not seem to be mentioned.

Any information or location where any could be found on any of the above would be appreciated.other family members include Walter,Annie and Carrie.
Please e mail at

JAMES PETTIT born 1833 Bythorn (Cambridge?)
died 1880, Barton

I am researching the PETTIT family in the Barton area and have hit a problem. I hope someone will be able to assist.

James PETTIT married Jane BALDERSON in 1863. James listed his place of birth as Bythorn, Norfolk on his 1871 census return. However the only Bythorn I can find in England is a few miles north of Bedford, and I cannot trace the PETTIT line any further back.

James died in 1880 ( it seems) and his wife Jane remarried John BROCKLESBY

James and Jane's third child Frederick PETTIT, was born 1870 in Thornton. He married Mary Ann RICHARDSON. Frederick sadly committed suicide in 1922 and I would also like any more information about the circumstances if possible.

Any information gratefully received.

Stephen Foster (email link)


Robert Ashton

I have traced my family to Barton on Humber to a Robert Ashton born 1760 He married Elizabeth Chafer. Going back through marriage on the wife's side I have got to Edward Sawyer born 1670 Presumably from the same area.

Has anyone got any information about these families? Other names I have found are ,Elizabeth Scarborough and Mary Leaming.

Can anyone help me build up a family tree?

E A Ashton (Ted) 0191 488 0920 e-mail
Thanking you in anticipation Ted Ashton


Robert Herbert/Henry Whiston


Hello, I am researching the Whiston family, who lived in Barton in the late 19th and early 20th century. I am interested in hearing anything at all, but I am particularly interested in finding out more about Robert Herbert/Henry Whiston b. 1872 who drowned in the River Humber in 1917. He worked on a barge.

Sally Ann Wilson email



16 Pasture Road Barton 1939 - 1949


Would love to see the above picture as it is where I was born in 1939
Would like to show my Grandchildren, as the houses were pulled down many years ago
I now live in Butts road in a house which was also (born)in 1939
Kind regards
Don King email



Beck Hill

I am in the process of purchasing a property in Beck Hill and have been trying to find any old photos of the original cottages there.
Having tried your library they gave me a contact tel number for the Civic Centre but unfortunately as my number is ex directory it would not accept my call.

Could you please let me know of anyone else who may have the info I require or advise me of a way to contact the Civic Centre.

Regards Linda Holmes email


Field Family

I would dearly love to find any surviving member of the Field family of Barton on Humber.

My grandfather Ernest Field was born in Victoria Terrace, Barton on Humber in November 1894. He later married May Bellamy in London. However, Ernest was the 2nd youngest son of John and Emily Elizabeth Field (Paddison). She died in 1916 and is I believe, buried in Barton Cemetery.

John and Emily had 12 children in all. John was a Roper/Journeyman in Barton and was born in Killingholme, Immingham. Emily his wife was born in Wrawby. Grandaughter to Joseph and Ann Paddison. John in turn was the son of James Field and Sarah Ann Field (Holdon). James was a Coastguard. The last known address for John Field was at 158 Marsh Lane, Barton on Humber, this was where Emily passed away on 2nd July, 1916.
One of John's brothers - the oldest - James jr also lived in barton on Humber at Waterside road next door to his parents James snr and Sarah Field.
Surely there are still surviving member of the family of John and Emily Field in this area. If so could they please contact me on:

Of note, I am in contact with 3 of John's siblings. I would love to be able to contact my first cousins though.

Rosemary Barrett





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