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1891 Census For
Barton upon Humber

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The 1891 Census for Barton upon Humber, Lincolnshire.

Reference: - Census place: - Barton St Mary's and St Peter, Lincolnshire, England
Public Records Office Reference RG 12, Piece 2630

The 1891 Census was taken on the 5th April 1891

This is a complete transcription of the original records for Barton

From Brian Ashton who kindly allowed me to use his transcription
I am a transcriber for FreeCen which is on
Their intention is to put the entire 1861 and 1891 census’s on line and make them free to access.

Please visit Bryan's site on

The numbers in black are a reference number added by me to allow referencing of people to dwellings. Some idea of the possition of certain houses which are named can be gained if they are adjacent in number.



Information shown is Surname, First Name, Married, Single or Widowed, Age, Relationship and Employment.


Information on these pages is the place and county of birth with a link to the other people who live in the house.

O Pa to Pettitt Phil to Pul Q R to Robb
Tanfield To Thurnell Tindale to Tyson Ullathorne to Vincent Waddingham to Waunby Webster to Whiles
Whiston to Winter Wolfe to Wrightman Young    

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