1891 Census

Finkle Lane
Grace Lazenby W 78y Head In receipt of out relief
James Elston M 72y Head In receipt of out relief, Formally Maltsters Labourer
Mary Elston M 64y Wife
Martin Beedham M 51y Head Brickyard Labourer
Emma Beedham M 53y Wife
Elizabeth Atkinson 7y Grndau
Mary Ann Barker M 31y Wife
Moses Archer Barker 3m Son
Betsy Barker 8y Son Scholar
Rose Ellen Barker S 12y Dau Scholar
Moses Barker M 38y Head Bricklayer
Eva Barker 10y Dau Scholar
George Curdock Grey M 29y Head Gas Stoker
Allis Grey M 22y Wife
Albert Henry Grey 1m Son
Annie Manay Clayton 13y Servnt General Dom Servant
John Charles Elston M 34y Head Platelayer
Matilda Elston M 31y Wife
John William Elston 8y Son Scholar
Ernest Feather Hes 7y Grnson
Thomas Feather M 55y Head Joiner and Undertaker (Employer)
Deborah Feather M 56y Wife
Catherine Mary Hes M 30y Dau
William Bliss M 70y Head Ropemaker
Charlotte Bliss M 73y Wife Staymaker (Dress) (Self Employed)
Alice Thompson W 54y Head Dressmaker (Self Employed)
Charles Bucknall Thompson S 19y Son Brickyard Labourer
William Dixon M 32y Head Agricultural Labourer
Emma Dixon M 27y Wife
George Dixon 8y Son Scholar
Edith Annie Dixon 4y Dau Scholar
William Frederick Dixon 2y Son
Harry Dixon 1m Son
Mary Ellen Houghton 11y Dau Scholar
Anne Houghton 3y Dau
Linnie Houghton 7y Dau Scholar
Elizabeth Ann Houghton M 35y Wife
William Houghton M 36y Head Bricklayer
John William Houghton 5y Son Scholar
John Dixon S 29y Son Twine Spinner
Arthur Dixon S 26y Son
Kate Senger 15y Dau
Jane Senger M 55y Wife
William Senger M 57y Head Agricultural Labourer
Mary Elizabeth Graves 8y Grndau Scholar
Job Rowland M 78y Head Retired General Dealer
Mary Rowland M 64y Wife
Jessie Petitt 6y Dau Scholar
Jane Broclesby M 46y Head Charwoman (Self Employed)
Thomas Petitt 11y Son Scholar
Charles Petitt 8y Son Scholar
Elizabeth Chapman W 75y Head Receiving Parish Relief
Eliza Collins S 24y Visitr Salvation Army Officer
Jane Hinks S 27y Head Salvation Army Officer
Mary Ann Chapman S 30y Head Domestic Housekeeper
Alice Maud Chapman 11y Dau Scholar
Ernest W Chapman 6y Son Scholar
Margaret Beatrice Chapman S 20y Sislaw Dressmaker (Self Employed)
Mona Skipworth M 28y Wife Dressmaker (Self Employed)
William Skipworth M 28y Head Stone Mason (Self Employed)
Glover Shucksmith M 35y Head Agricultural Labourer
Harriet Hannah Shucksmith M 32y Wife
Helen Ann Shucksmith 11y Dau Scholar
William Ernest Spencer S 22y Boardr Joiner
563 Unoccupied
Samuel Willford M 74y Head Retired Bricklayer
Sarah Willford M 69y Wife
Eliza Jane Dinsdale S 27y Dau
Jane Dinsdale M 63y Wife
John Pickard Dinsdale M 64y Head Brick & Tile Maker
Selina Burley W 75y Head Living on own means
John Stow M 71y Head Blacksmith
Jane Stow M 65y Wife
John Stow S 29y Son Gardener
William Swaby W 75y Head Living on own means
Mary Frances Baines S 21y Grndau Housekeeper
Mary Swaby W 68y Head Living on own means
Mary Chafer M 31y Head House Duties
(Self Employed)
Violet Lizzie Chafer 3y Dau
George William Chafer 1y Son
John Lunt M 23y Head Painter
Emma Lunt M 21y Wife
William Charlesworth M 22y Head Cement Makers Clerk
Alice Snell Charlesworth M 20y Wife
John Wm Charlesworth 2m Son
Matthew Chapman S 38y Head Rope Twine Spinner
Susannah Arnold 10y Grndau Scholar
Mary Ann Walker W 82y Head In receipt of out relief
Sarah Jane Arnold 12y Grndau
579 Unoccupied
Anne Tuplin 5y Grndau
Charles Arthur Tuplin S 20y Son Brickyard Labourer
Villa Tuplin M 62y Wife
Charles Tuplin M 64y Head Farm Labourer
Joseph Dixon S 18y Lodger Farm Labourer
Parker William Beeton S 38y Head Licensed Hawker

Finkle Lane, Ebernezer Place
Elswick Stow M 38y Head Blacksmith
Lucy Stow 9y Dau
Kate Stow M 33y Wife
Arthur Stow 4y Son
Susannah Rogerson M 73y Wife
Joseph Rogerson M 78y Head Living on own means
Albert William Such 9y Son
Sarah Such M 34y Wife
William Such M 37y Head Tile Maker
Alice Eveline Barroclough 3y Grndau
Hannah Stow M 46y Wife
George Stow M 48y Head General Labourer
John William Barroclough 16y Grnson General Labourer

Finkle Lane, Loding House
John Costle S 57y Lodger General Labourer
Ben Patrick S 34y Lodger General Labourer
Cornelius Howdley S 17y Lodger Brickmaker
John Conolly S 50y Lodger Hawker
Betsy Howdley M 36y Lodger Hawker
Issac Fowler S 63y Lodger General Labourer
Mathew Patrick S 40y Lodger General Labourer
James Howdley M 36y Lodger Brushmaker
Archibald Walter Chapman 11y Son
George William Chapman 6y Son Scholar
Sarah Ann Chapman 8y Dau Scholar
Fred Chapman 3y Son Scholar
Emma Marshall W 65y Lodger Hawker
Jarvis Chapman M 40y Head General Labourer
Mary Ann Chapman M 39y Wife Loding House Manager
Charles Henry Chapman 13y Son Rope Twine Worker