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Pictures and Names on the

Cenotaph at Barton upon Humber

Picture of Cenotaph

The Cenotaph which commemorates those killed in the two Great Wars stands at the East Gate to the cemetery on Barrow Road, Barton upon Humber. It has 5 main panels with names of those who fell in the First World War and sub panels for those in the Second World War. The pages of this section show photos of the panels with a list of the names. For those of the First World War there are the dates they were lost.

In the list of name you will find after some of the names link. This link will open a new window with the page referring to this person on the War Graves Site. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that this reference is correct I cannot guarantee its accuracy. Also there may be some names that do not have this link yet there are references on the site, Unless I can be fairly sure it is the correct person I will not put up the link. These links are in the process of being updated. Please check again if the link is not in place when you first look.

There are also some links from a persons name. These are to pages of information and possibly photos which relatives have provided. If you have information or photos of any of these people an would like them adding to the site please contact me.


There is a page on the War Graves Commission site which gives information on all those who were killed in the two Great Wars who are buried in the cemetery at Barton. I provide a link to this page for those who may be interested LINK

There is also a remberance pannel in the St. Marys' Church, Burgate,
Barton upon Humber. A photograph and a list of the names on this pannel is shown HERE

Should you have any information you would like to add to this part of the site please contct me.

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